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Keeping you ahead of the higher education curve is what we do. That includes providing quick and easy access to critical insight and information you can leverage to make better strategic decisions. Our SEMantics blog shares the latest news about the work our consultants are doing with institutions across the nation and the world, as well as the latest trends and developments that impact you. Read our most recent posts here, or browse through our archive by topic or key word.

C&U Journal: "Giving back to the professions related to mentoring support and success"

by AACRAO  ·  June 29, 2018

​Randall Langston, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Texas Women’s University, wrote a mentorship piece in AACRAO’s June 2018 College & University Journal. The article, titled “Giving Back to the Profession: Reflections Related to Mentoring Support and Success”

Business Process Improvement: A Tool for Enrollment Management

by AACRAO  ·  June 13, 2018

​Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a practice that has its roots in the business environment but has also found a home in higher education. Designed primarily to help organizations, especially large organizations, re-evaluate internal operations and improve production, the end process should produce operational efficiencies while maintaining customer satisfaction. Translated to higher education, it can mean doing more with less while still providing service to students.

AACRAO's SEM journal redesign: Greater impact, easier citation

by AACRAO  ·  June 11, 2018

​AACRAO released the first newly designed issue of SEM Quarterly in May. The journal moved from a traditional online format published by Wiley Online Library to an innovative style published in-house by AACRAO. SEMQ articles can now be read directly from the new AACRAO website, and PDFs of the articles and issues are also available to download.

Get Your Admissions and SEM Efforts Operating at Peak Performance

by AACRAO  ·  May 30, 2018

Not everyone has the time or budget to attend AACRAO’s professional development meetings. That’s why we’re taking AACRAO On the Road​—bringing key training sessions to a location near you. Join us July 25-26 at Salem State University (MA) for the following:

SEM as the Tool for Effective Retention Planning

by AACRAO  ·  May 16, 2018

Too often, higher education professionals look to Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) simply as a recruitment plan. While this perspective overlooks the planning and organizational framework supporting effective SEM work, it also overlooks SEM’s role with successful retention planning.

Get endorsed by AACRAO for competency in SEM

by AACRAO  ·  May 04, 2018

Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program (SEM-EP) director Christopher Tremblay chatted with AACRAO Annual Meeting attendees at his session covering AACRAO’s SEM-EP program. The program is a self-paced professional development program which promotes industry competency and readiness.

Overlooked inefficiencies in Admissions that can impact yield

by AACRAO  ·  May 03, 2018

​All too often institutions focus efforts, strategies, and resources on the front end of the admissions funnel, thinking that the recruitment and marketing emphasis is the greatest factor in yield and although these areas are crucially important, the same attention and allocation of resources must also be applied to the operational and follow-up emphasis, otherwise spending on recruitment and marketing may be for naught.​

Contribute to your profession

by AACRAO  ·  May 02, 2018

​There are several opportunities to become more involved in the profession, AACRAO staff shared at an Annual Meeting session on Monday afternoon.

Rethinking advising for online students

by AACRAO  ·  April 30, 2018

Online degree programs bring unique challenges for faculty, staff and students. In a recent article in College & University, Rich Simpson, Registrar for the Online and Professional Studies Division at California Baptist University, calls on colleges and universities to do more to support online students’ success by rethinking advising.

Looking back: One year into the new FAFSA filing timeline

Looking back: One year into the new FAFSA filing timeline

by AACRAO  ·  April 24, 2018

As colleges and universities entered into the first year of the new filing timeline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), there were a number of questions and concerns swirling in the minds of enrollment managers as they headed into the 2017 admission cycle.

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