AACRAO Releases New Mentorship Publication


What began as a series of articles in AACRAO’s journal, College and University, has become a collection of insights and reflections on a variety of mentoring styles and programs. Mentorship in Higher Education: Practical Advice and Leadership Theories features a multitude of wisdom and anecdotes offering multiple perspectives on and experiences with mentorship. Many of the authors featured in this collection, such as Dr. Rodney Parks, Dr. Christine Kerlin and others, are current AACRAO Senior and Associate Consultants. The authors, who vary from long-time professionals to those who are newer to the field, share their real-life experiences, and advice to readers who might be interested in developing a mentoring relationship.

Whether you are new to your career or a seasoned veteran, a mentor can be key to seeing the big picture and avoiding the trap of looking at issues from a single perspective. Personal experiences from AC Consultants, as well as comprehensive practices, fill the pages of this guide for anyone looking for counseling in their career or hoping to help a colleague develop in the field. Mentorship in Higher Education explores the importance of reaching out to those around you in order to grow and advance the profession. 

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