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So you want to become a chief enrollment officer?

by AACRAO  ·  December 04, 2017

As a profession, enrollment management is approximately 30-35 years old. As the domain of an enrollment manager grows in size and complexity, a new role on campus has emerged: the Chief Enrollment Management Officer (CEMO).

Growing your international enrollment--panacea or pitfall?

by AACRAO  ·  October 06, 2017

The pressure to find new students keeps ratcheting up and our enrollment marketing strategies have been evolving quickly to keep pace. With demographic shifts, declines in domestic high school graduation rates, budgetary pressures, and—more positively—the growing importance of internationalization to prepare our students for careers in the global economy it is not surprising that international enrollment on almost every college and university campus in the United States and Canada has been rising (in many cases quite dramatically) over the past decade.

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