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Is it armageddon?

by AACRAO  ·  February 02, 2018

​Given the rapidly-changing landscape of higher education over the last decade, many registrars are looking to the future to try to anticipate and understand our profession direction in order to gracefully and efficiently influence and adapt to those changes when they occur.

How a Student Affairs-Enrollment Services partnership leads to whole student success

by AACRAO  ·  December 18, 2017

Post-secondary institutions who are highly engaged in Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning understand the value of participation by both Student Affairs (i.e., Student Life, Residence, Advising, Career Centre, Counselling, Athletics, Judicial Affairs, and Accessibility Services) and Enrollment Services (i.e., Recruitment, Admissions, Financial Aid, Scheduling, Timetabling, Registration, Records and Graduation).

So you want to become a chief enrollment officer?

by AACRAO  ·  December 04, 2017

As a profession, enrollment management is approximately 30-35 years old. As the domain of an enrollment manager grows in size and complexity, a new role on campus has emerged: the Chief Enrollment Management Officer (CEMO).

Update on the Free Community College movement in the U.S.

by AACRAO  ·  September 18, 2017

Since Tennessee first began “Tennessee Promise” in 2015, a two-year program that provides free tuition at a Tennessee community or technical college, five other states along with two California cities have passed and implemented similar free tuition programs to encourage and facilitate college attendance and success.

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