New Release! Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Student Body


Today's admissions officers need to have mastery over a wide variety of knowledge and techniques in order to help form the entering student populations at colleges and universities. Achieving an optimum enrollment mix that takes into consideration the diversity of students who apply to and enroll at a particular college is paramount to student and institutional success. Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Student Body is an essential resource for expanding the readers’ expertise in a range of strategic and operational matters that inform, influence, and yield the recruitment and retention of diverse student bodies. 

The chapters contain pinpointed and detailed advice for giving specific student populations the tools and resources they need to succeed. Also included is a holistic overview of the importance of non-cognitive variables in student admission as well as advice for connecting with parents and other individuals that surround and influence students. By exploring the challenges that particular populations face in the path to higher education and offering advice to administrators on how to navigate these spaces, this book can be used to create the roadmap to a learning environment richened through diversity and inclusion. When administrators proactively address concerns of specific populations they have a significant positive impact on the academic experience of all students.  

AACRAO Senior Consultants Michele Sandlin, Dr. Rodney Parks and Dr. Alicia Moore have all contributed chapters focusing on student enrollment, supporting transfer students and how to bridge student systems to impact diversity event attendance. 

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