Like You, We’ve Been Busy

AACRAO Consultants have been hard at work, partnering with universities and colleges across the U.S. and Canada to achieve best practice improvements and drive institutional performance. You’ll find us on campuses and in key professional meetings across North America and abroad. Here’s one way we make it easy to keep up with the latest developments at AACRAO Consulting.

Update on the Free Community College movement in the U.S.

By Michele Sandlin, Managing Consultant, AACRAO

Since Tennessee first began “Tennessee Promise” in 2015, a two-year program that provides free tuition at a Tennessee community or technical college, five other states along with two California cities have passed and implemented similar free tuition programs to encourage and facilitate college attendance and success.   Continue reading

Inside Higher Ed: Homeschooled Student’s Transcript Might Be for a Cat

According to Inside Higher Ed, the University of Rochester is raising questions about transcript oversight for homeschooled students after revoking an admissions offer. Associate Executive Director of AACRAO Consulting and SEM, Dr. Tom Green is quoted in the article, offering possible solutions for a more broad review homeschoolers’ admissions information, including curriculum, transcripts, GPA and test scores. Continue reading

Do you know what data you need to reach your enrollment goals?

What is your enrollment goal? That number is one you likely have at your fingertips. But if that’s as deep as your data goes, you’re missing key decision-making information.

“Many institutions focus on the big macro number, like ‘we need 2,000 new students,’” observed Janet Ward, senior consultant with AACRAO Consulting. Continue reading

Foster A Culture of Innovation

Invest in your team’s potential

Strategic enrollment management professionals understand that targeted enrollment goals and student support initiatives require teamwork across all levels of an institution. At AACRAO’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conferencewe invite you to participate in the Team Experience and bring key SEM concepts back to share on your campus.  Continue reading

Four key questions when building your class

Every campus is different, but there are still essential strategies that can be applied to building an incoming class.

According to Dr. Brent Gage, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Iowa, building a class requires both science, such as quantitative analytics, and the art of relationship-building. Continue reading

Inside Higher Ed: How a Regional Public University Reversed Enrollment Decline (and It’s Not Free Tuition)

In an article published in Inside Higher Ed, SUNY Fredonia speaks about the difficulty it previously had with enrollment and how this year’s enrollment of the freshman class has increased by 25 percent.  Among the factors that SUNY Fredonia attributes to this increase is the role that AACRAO Consulting played through our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning services.    Continue reading

Demographic shifts: Threat or opportunity for higher education?

by Tom Green, Ph.D., Associate Executive Director, Consulting, and SEM

The 2016 Knocking at the College Door report from WICHE revealed some startling changes in the changes in high school graduates over the next 15 years.  While the 2012 report foretold of declines among many of the regions of the United States and shifts in the ethnicities of our potential students, the overall projection is that most states will lose high school graduate numbers between now and 2031.   Continue reading

SEM Quarterly: Call for authors!

AACRAO’s SEM Quarterly provides knowledge and insight into the ongoing evolution of strategic enrollment management (SEM). SEMQ bridges the gap between theory and practice with articles by thought leaders and practitioners who address the emerging dynamics of SEM, including: executive-level leadership, leading strategies, internationalization, research, academic orientation, and current trends. Continue reading

SEM: Fitting the pieces together

Whether you’re a newcomer to strategic enrollment management (SEM) or well-versed in SEM concepts, one tenet holds true: SEM success requires buy-in from everyone on campus. Senior administration, student affairs practitioners, faculty, and front line staff all must understand how they fit into and affect the institution’s enrollment management picture. Continue reading