Like You, We’ve Been Busy

AACRAO Consultants have been hard at work, partnering with universities and colleges across the U.S. and Canada to achieve best practice improvements and drive institutional performance. You’ll find us on campuses and in key professional meetings across North America and abroad. Here’s one way we make it easy to keep up with the latest developments at AACRAO Consulting.

Effective leadership: Observations from a senior professional

by Betty J. Huff, AACRAO Consultant

I attempted to accomplish effective leadership throughout my forty years as a higher education professional.  Leadership styles, both as defined in the research literature and as measured in practice, was the subject of my graduate research.  Leadership effectiveness was a magnet for me when it appeared in the title of books and articles.  Both were always “go to” topics for sessions at conferences.  Effective leadership was always one of my personal goals. Continue reading

Planning and assessment: Keys to a successful SEM plan

by Alicia Moore, AACRAO Consultant and Dean of Student and Enrollment Services for Central Oregon Community College

Whether one includes admissions, recruitment, records, financial aid or other areas as part of the enrollment services umbrella, having effective operations is a critical component to successful strategic enrollment management (SEM) work (Bontrager and Green, 2015; Bontrager and Moore, 2009).  Continue reading

SEM Quarterly: SEM and the Student Journey: The Role of Strategic Enrollment Management in Student Engagement

In AACRAO’s January 2017 issue of SEM Quarterly, AACRAO Senior Consultant Stan Henderson  writes an article titled: “SEM and the Student Journey: The Role of Strategic Enrollment Management in Student Engagement”. Continue reading

Use the AACRAO Competencies to set professional development New Year’s Resolutions

By: Joellen Shendy, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar, University of Maryland University College
Patrick Elliott, Senior Associate Registrar, University of Maryland University College

Happy New Year! The ball dropped, we have cleaned up after our parties, and most of us are back to our regular business of supporting student learning. Continue reading

AACRAO seeks volunteers for the Editorial Board of College & University Journal

AACRAO is seeking volunteers for the Editorial Board of College & University Journal.

At the request of the Editor-in-Chief, members of the Editorial Board review feature/research articles submitted to the journal, considering the appropriateness of the article for AACRAO’s membership, the usefulness of the information, the nature and logic of the research methodology, clarity, and the style of presentation. Typically, two or three reviewers are assigned to each article. Continue reading

Call for Authors: C&U and SEM Q

AACRAO’s College & University and SEM Quarterly Journals are seeking manuscript submissions for 2017.

SEM Quarterly, published by AACRAO and Wiley Periodicals, addresses the emerging dynamics of strategic enrollment management, including: executive-level leadership, leading strategies, internationalization, research, academic orientation and current trends. Continue reading