Howard Shanken

Howard ShankenHoward Shanken has been in education for more than 30 years as an administrator and faculty member. In July 2010 he retired from Grand Rapids Community College where he served as registrar, providing oversight of numerous student record processes and academic policies for more than 30,000 students. Mr. Shanken’s experience includes providing engaging presentations for faculty and staff professional development with a specialization in FERPA training. As well, he has participated in college policy development and has helped to guide compliance initiatives for external audits and accreditation reviews. Additionally he has help to create effective and efficient business solutions using his professional expertise and the proven ability to lead college-wide technology implementations through collaboration and consensus building.

Howard served as the Past President of Michigan-ACRAO, was a member of the National Student Clearinghouse Advisory Committee, and participated with the PeopleSoft Student Records Product Advisory Group. In 2008, he was presented with the AACRAO Ockerman Award for the development of the “Michigan Transfer Network” database.

Since his “retirement”, Howard Shanken has served as an AACRAO Senior Consultant. He has reviewed policies and processes at dozens of leading institutions including broad spectrum of national and international universities, public and private colleges, as well as community colleges, ranging from centralized to decentralized campus administration. Howard has acted as the interim registrar for extended periods at a number of colleges and universities. As well, he has performed as a subject matter expert on statewide software integration initiatives to enhance the student experience and increase retention. Howard’s work extends nationally as a facilitator of readiness reviews for extended transcript innovations which includes co-curricular badging and student portfolio development. Additionally, he has provided training and coordinated Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning at a number of institutions. Howard’s extensive experience along with the ability to quickly build trust, engage others, expedite analysis of operations and offer viable solutions, makes him one of AACRAO’s most sought after consultants.