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Admissions Operations Review

Streamlined admissions are critical to supporting your enrollment goals and improving student satisfaction. We’ll help you identify strategies to drive admissions office efficiencies.

Connect your admissions office to the advantages of paperless, efficient workflow automation. Advances in data transfer technology allow student information to be loaded and processed automatically, minimizing human intervention and error. These advances also enable your admissions office to render multiple admissions decisions instantly, and review cases virtually — conserving time, maximizing existing admissions resources, accelerating response rates and improving student satisfaction.

Realizing the full advantages of automated, streamlined admissions operations requires having the right technology as well as the training and knowledge to leverage it. Partner with AACRAO Consulting to help you identify opportunities for improved admissions efficiencies and accuracies, with the right blend of solutions, skills and structure.

Assessing Your Admissions Operations and Policies

Designed to provide enrollment leaders with a thorough and unbiased assessment of their operations, our Admissions Operations Review focuses on business processes and admissions policies as well as their impact on staff. We’ll examine your admissions staff structure, roles and responsibilities, as well as their skill sets and how those skills are used. We’ll also take a close look at how you currently collect, store, review, process and report student information — whether electronically or manually. For offices that are processing admissions manually, we’ll leverage this review to ease the transition to a paperless environment and automated workflow.

Commonly paired with our Recruitment and Marketing Review, your Admissions Operations Review can be performed as a single, larger consultation or as a stand-alone service. Each consultation can also be applied to undergraduate, graduate, professional or international admissions office settings.

What to Expect

Prior to coming on-site, AACRAO consultants review information you already have on hand, such as organizational charts, job descriptions, technology descriptions, business process guides, reports and policies. This maximizes the time spent in the next phase, the site visit.

The on-site portion of Admissions Operations Review consultations typically last two to three days, depending on the scope of the project and the size of the operation. During on-site visits, we interview staff and key institutional partners to gather multiple perspectives on the current business processes and performance and assess their effectiveness. This may include observations of the processing staff and their work or reviews of how certain student information system screens are used.

At the conclusion of the site visit, we will provide you with a brief, initial assessment of our observations and recommendations. This will be followed by a narrative report with specific, actionable recommendations ready for implementation. AACRAO Consulting is also available after the initial review to provide any additional training or implementation assistance you may need.

Deliverables and Outcomes

You’ll emerge from the Admissions Operations Review with the practical recommendations you need to update business processes as well as insight into staff roles, responsibilities and performance to help them reach and maintain maximum efficiency.

While each consultation is tailored to the complexity of the college or university’s admissions operations, typical deliverables include:

Who Benefits from an Admissions Operations Review?

Typically, our Admissions Operations Review is designed for the following enrollment leaders and/or institutions:

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