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Business Process Improvement Review

Maximize Your People and Processes

Paper-based inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Overly complex enrollment processes. Too many steps required for students to complete a simple task. Outdated policies that don’t keep pace with new institutional technologies. These are just some of the common glitches that can keep a university’s departments from operating smoothly and that frustrate students, faculty and other departments. Identifying and addressing those glitches often requires on outside, expert perspective. That’s the advantage AACRAO Consulting brings.

Finding the Barriers in Your Business Processes

Our Business Process Improvement Review delves into your enrollment processes to ensure they maximize human and fiscal resources while operating efficiently and effectively across departments. As part of your review, we’ll examine the delivery of student services, the assignment and deployment of staff responsibilities, your organizational structure, and use of technology resources. We’ll also look for redundancies, workflow breakdowns, and disruptions that prevent your people and processes from operating at maximum capacity.

What to Expect

Your Business Process Improvement Review with AACRAO Consulting begins with a careful assessment of your areas of focus for improvement of business processes. We then request and thoroughly review documents, including existing policy and procedure documentation that provide additional insight into business processes.

Following an audit of these documents, we conduct a campus visit to assess all manual and technology-driven processes in action and in person. During our on-site visits, we additionally interview key stakeholders, including students, to identify breakdowns and barriers in current business processes.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Based on the information we collect during our review and interviews, we produce a “map” of current business processes. This map serves to identify those processes that are working, those that aren’t, and why.

Your map also includes a benefit analysis of each step or action in the process to determine time-to-completion, and whether that step or activity is worth keeping. The map additionally identifies any technology used to support the process, and how effective this technology is.

Based on our findings, we’ll map out a new business process that delivers improved efficiencies. Schools may use their new process map to establish processing goals as well as methods for measuring success in reaching those goals; as internal reference guides; and in training guides as well as training materials for recent hires.

Leveraging your new process map, you’ll be able to perform tasks and activities more quickly and accurately, improving responsiveness that leads to enhanced student success and retention. Increased efficiencies will also allow your staff to focus their time and energy on those activities that generate a greater value to your institution.

Who Benefits from a Business Process Improvement Review?

Business Process Improvement Reviews benefit institutions that are confronting the following obstacles and challenges:

Institutions may also chose to undergo a Business Process Improvement Review as part their ongoing efforts to measure and maintain efficiency in these or other areas:

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