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Electronic Records & Automation Review

Capturing the Advantages of Automation

In the race toward paperless records, today’s colleges and universities struggle to manage growing pains along with evolving technology requirements. To remain agile, adaptable and responsive to students’ needs, institutions are striving to embrace electronic data exchange solutions such as eTranscripts while automating their records process. This transition often comes with significant challenges.

To help institutions capture the advantages of automation, AACRAO Consulting offers an in-depth Electronic Records and Automation Review aimed at identifying technology gaps as well as a clear path to fully electronic, automated record management processes. As part of your review, we’ll examine your current processes for acquiring, storing and maintaining electronic records. We'll also take a close look at how you’re currently managing access to electronic records for students and campus constituents.

For institutions who have not yet embraced electronic records, our review will facilitate an efficient move to more efficient, accurate and cost-effective automated processes, including technology recommendations.

Transitioning to eTranscripts

In today’s higher education environment, nearly every aspect of registration, administration and attendance is predominantly completed online. Despite demonstrated cost savings, however, many institutions have not yet adopted solutions that enable the electronic exchange of student records. If your institution is still struggling with the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of paper transcripts, AACRAO Consulting’s Electronic Records and Automation Review will help you create a plan for embracing and leveraging eTranscripts for great efficiencies, accuracies, response times, and savings.

What to Expect

To assess the need for electronic transcripts, a 2014 survey report by AACRAO, the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), and Parchment, Inc. recommends that institutions take the following actions:

AACRAO Consulting’s Electronic Records and Automation Review will help you complete these activities and pave the way for a smooth transition to eTranscripts.

Deliverables and Outcome

Based on the findings of our Electronic Records and Automation Review, AACRAO Consulting will work with you to develop and implements a plan for moving to paperless transcripts, both incoming and outgoing. As part of this plan, we will outline processes and timelines for automating record functions including petitions, graduation applications, and transfer credit reviews.

These electronic records remain instantly available and accessible throughout the lifecycle of the student, from acceptance to articulation to graduation and beyond. You’ll be able to quickly and cost-effectively respond to student record requests, as well as to requests from employers and other institutions.

Who Benefits from an Electronic Records and Automation Review?

If any of the following goals and challenges apply to your institution, you may benefit from a comprehensive Electronic Records and Automation Review with AACRAO Consulting:

Typically, our Electronic Records and Automation Reviews are completed in collaboration with the following institutions and leaders:

Find out how our Electronic Records and Automation Review can help you transition smoothly to paperless records, greater efficiencies and faster response times.