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FERPA Training & Review

Expand Your Staff’s FERPA Knowledge

The privacy and protection of student information has become a primary public concern, especially given the push to move from paperless to electronic student records. Students and their families want to know that the institutions they apply to and attend are taking every measure to protect their sensitive information. To meet these demands, as well as federal regulations, universities and colleges across the US and the agencies and companies that work with them are struggling to comply with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), a comprehensive federal law that provides privacy protections for student education records.

AACRAO Consulting’s FERPA Training services are designed to help your faculty and staff, including student workers, better understand and comply with stringent FERPA guidelines. The leading authority on FERPA regulations and compliance, your AACRAO consultant will customize a FERPA training program to meet your institutional needs; review and assess your FERPA practices; and issue practical recommendations for implementing best practices across all departments and staff who come into contact with students’ records.

What to Expect

We begin each engagement by conducting a comprehensive audit of your current data-protection and privacy practices, policies and processes to identify potential risks, gaps in knowledge and training, as well as opportunities for improvement. Working on-site at your location, your AACRAO consultant will provide tailored compliance training programs that meet your specific needs challenges and goals. Choose from a wide range of training programs that include:

Third-Party Compliance

FERPA Training from AACRAO Consulting is designed to address your student privacy issues, by understanding and implementing correct policies and procedures for protecting information. These policies and procedures extend to ensuring the compliance of any third-party vendors completing work on behalf of your institution. Your AACRAO consultant will visit the contractor and fully audit the services and/or products in question. In the event of one or multiple infractions, we will develop a set of recommended action items to rectify the problems so both parties can proceed with normal operations as quickly and easily as possible.

Who Benefits from FERPA Training?

AACRAO Consulting’s FERPA Training programs are ideal for institutions and leaders seeking to:

Ensure your institution meets FERPA compliance as well as student expectations with on-site FERPA Training.