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International Enrollment & Services Review

Grow and Support Your International Students

International student enrollment in US higher education has expanded considerably over the last several years. Colleges and universities continue to place a priority on growing their international student enrollments, and for good reason. While international students can help an institution meet its enrollment goals and add valued diversity to the campus experience, this student population also presents some significant challenges. Institutions are struggling to meet those challenges and provide the cross-departmental support international students need to persist and succeed.

Designed for institutions seeking to expand international student enrollment, AACRAO Consulting’s International Enrollment and Services Review provides an objective evaluation of your current strategies and efforts focused on recruiting and admitting international students. Along with recruitment activities, our in-depth review also examines your processes for supporting enrolled international students, as well as your compliance with current SEVIS regulations. The review covers key areas essential to growing and supporting your international student population: Marketing and Recruitment, and Admissions and Registrar.

Maximize Your Marketing and Recruitment

In reviewing your marketing and recruitment strategy for international students, we’ll take a look at your past efforts and the results they produced. This includes examining the methods and communications used to reach and attract international students; website content developed specifically for international students; persistence and graduation rates of international students; support services for international students through a compliant international student services office; and more. We’ll evaluate the success of each of these areas, as well as opportunities for improvement.

Admissions and Registrar Efficiency

Unlike domestic students, processing admitted international students requires involvement from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State. This added process layer results in additional steps your institution must take to admit international students properly and within compliance.

During your review, we’ll evaluate your admission processes for international students. This includes processes for providing students with the proper forms such as I-20s, confirming students’ ability to pay their tuition, articulating international coursework, and identifying students’ standing once they’ve been admitted to your institution. Based on what we uncover during the review, we’ll offer practical recommendations on improving your processes to support the growth and success of your international student population.

What to Expect

AACRAO Consulting tailors your review to meet the specific needs of your institution. We’ll begin by assessing your goals, challenges and priorities for international students, whether you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment and marketing efforts, enhance student success and graduation rates, streamline processes and policies, meet compliance, or any combination of the above.

Following an initial assessment of your goals, the discovery phase begins. AACRAO Consulting requests and thoroughly reviews any documentation involving the recruitment, enrollment and retention of international students to ensure we understand your current processes and situation.

After discovery is completed, we’ll schedule a campus visit to interview key stakeholders and evaluate processes in action, and in person. Site visits typically range from two to three days, depending upon the scope of your review and the complexity of your institution. At the conclusion of the site visit, a brief summary of the initial observations is made on-site to ensure that we have accurately and completely captured the issues your institution confronts.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Within about four weeks of completing the site visit, AACRAO Consulting develops and presents a report that details specific, actionable recommendations for improving the successful outcome for international students, from recruitment to matriculation, if desired, to graduation. We are also available to assist with implementing our recommendations as well as training your staff to support any new processes or systems put in place.

Who Benefits from an International Enrollment and Services Review?

The International Enrollment and Services Review is ideal for institutions seeking to expand their international student population, to improve processes and procedures related to admitting and enrolling international students, and to improve retention rates and successful outcomes for this student population. Typical clients include:

Find out how our International Enrollment and Services Review can help you reach, attract, and support an expanding international student population.