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Recruitment & Marketing Review

Reaching and Attracting Your Ideal Students

It is essential for all colleges and universities today to create a unique, competitive and attractive value proposition for prospective students. Multiple factors are critical to supporting the success of an institution’s recruitment and marketing efforts. Having a cohesive, well mapped-out recruitment plan in place; ensuring your marketing messages are on point; training your staff to maximize your recruitment tools and technology; capturing every opportunity to reach and attract the best possible students — these are just some of the issues central to increasing the effectiveness of your recruitment and marketing strategy.

A Recruitment and Marketing Review completed with AACRAO Consulting will help you reveal and address these and other key factors that may be impacting your recruitment results. We’ll provide a thorough and objective assessment of your human, budgetary and technology resources and how well you’re currently using them.

Through a close examination of your enrollment marketing, we’ll help you determine whether you’re communicating the right message to the right audience through the right channels. We’ll also evaluate the way you train and deploy staff, then offer recommendations to best utilize the talent you have on hand. While maximizing your human resources, we’ll also take a look at leveraging your existing technology investments for improved recruitment outcomes.

Our services can assess your current recruitment and marketing plans to make sure they are highly effective or help you develop these plans to support institutional enrollment goals. Our review and recommendations are holistic, looking at how all the events, outreach, communications and marketing work to create synergy in your recruiting efforts.

What to Expect

Your Recruitment and Marketing Review begins with a thorough discovery process, during which we assess your goals and challenges. We’ll also collect and review your website, marketing materials, budgets, communication plan, organization charts, job descriptions, recruitment plans, enrollment trends and other information to gain the fullest possible understanding of your unique market position and situation. When it comes time for us to visit your campus, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running with the right questions to ask, and the right people to ask.

Following discovery, we’ll conduct on-site interviews with you, your staff and institutional partners to gather multiple perspectives on your recruitment and marketing activities. This enables us to glean further insight into your current efforts as well as opportunities for improvement.

While we never take a “cookie cutter” approach to our work, most Recruitment and Marketing Review consultations can be completed with two days on-site, depending on the scope of your project. The on-site portion may include staff training or additional time to address more complex issues uncovered during discovery that impact your recruitment efforts.

Deliverables and Outcomes

While the Recruitment and Marketing Review can be performed in a stand-alone consultation, it is often paired with an Admissions Operations Review to provide you with an in-depth performance analysis from the first point of contact through to matriculation. We tailor the review to your particular areas of emphasis, such as marketing materials, website, communications planning, use of data in recruitment, staff development, recruitment plan development, or other specific needs you may have.

Before we engage in the project, we work with you to determine the scope and length of the consultation. We also define specific deliverables in the proposal provided to you in advance of an agreement. Again, while they vary depending on your specific needs and goals, examples of typical deliverables include:

At the conclusion of the review, we will provide you with a brief, initial assessment of our observations and recommendations. This will be followed by a narrative report with specific, actionable recommendations for your implementation. AACRAO Consulting is also available after the initial review to provide any additional training or implementation assistance you may need.

Who Benefits from a Recruitment and Marketing Review?

The Recruitment and Marketing Review performed with AACRAO Consulting is ideal for the following institutions and leadership:

Learn how our Recruitment and Marketing Review can help you stay on top of today’s competitive student market.