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Registrar’s Office Review

Support the Role of Your Registrar

The work of the registrar touches every student and nearly every corner of your institution. An effectively functioning Registrar’s Office is critical to your academic vitality as well student success. Today’s registrar leaders are tasked with ensuring the integrity of student records, interpreting and enforcing academic policies, and responding to student requests. What’s more, registrars must complete their responsibilities while adapting to changing technology, as information systems and internet-based services replace paper files and in-person support.

AACRAO Consulting’s Registrar’s Office Review provides institutional leadership with valuable insight into the performance and efficiency of this vital office. Our consultants bring AACRAO’s specialized expertise in this critical enrollment and academic service area, as the organization responsible for establishing and standardizing registrar best practices.

Calling on our first-hand knowledge of leading practices for staffing, technology, policy, FERPA and student services, we’ll help you identify and capitalize on opportunities for improvement in your Registrar’s Office. We’ll also help your office adapt to changing educational environments, technologies and student expectations for fast, responsive service.

What to Expect

We begin your Registrar’s Office Review by reviewing all pertinent documents and information you have on hand, including organizational charts, job descriptions, technology descriptions, business process guides, reports and policies. This upfront preparation allows us to maximize our time during the next phase of the review: the on-site visit.

While the length of each review varies depending on the scope of the project and the institution’s specific objectives, most Registrar’s Office Review on-site consultations last two to three days. During this on-site portion of the project, we interview staff and key institutional partners to gather multiple perspectives on current business processes and performance to assess how well they meet your expectations and needs.

At the conclusion of the site visit, we will provide you with a brief, initial assessment of our observations and recommendations. This will be followed by a narrative report with specific, actionable recommendations for seeing measurable improvements in your registrar’s office performance. AACRAO Consulting is also available after the initial review to assist you in implementing our recommendations.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Your Registrar’s Office Review provides an effective tool for measuring your office against standards established in the The Registrar's Guide: Evolving Best Practices in Records and Registration, while also assessing how the office is adapting to evolving regulations, technologies and other field-related issues. The review is additionally designed to examine the role of the registrar within the context of the institution, to determine whether the office serves as an effective adviser to academic affairs while providing timely service to students, faculty and alumni.

While each consultation is tailored to the unique character, complexity and size of the institution, examples of typical deliverables include the assessment of and recommendations for:

Who Benefits from a Registrar’s Office Review?

A Registrar’s Office Review performed by AACRAO Consulting is ideal for:

Learn how our Registrar’s Office Review can help support the critical role of your registrar in your institutional and student success.