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Registrar’s Office Review

Support the Role of Your Registrar

The work of the registrar touches every student and nearly every corner of your institution. An effectively functioning Registrar’s Office is critical to the vitality of your academic programs and the success of your students. Today’s registrar leaders are tasked with ensuring the integrity of student records, interpreting and enforcing academic policies, and providing outstanding student services. Registrars must complete these responsibilities while adapting to ever-changing technologies and increasing service expectations from students, faculty and administrators.

AACRAO experts have been central to establishing and promoting proven and leading practices for over 100 years. Leveraging this expertise, our Registrar’s Office Review provides valuable insight into the performance and efficiency of this critical unit. We’ll help you identify and seize opportunities for improvement in your Registrar’s Office while adapting to changing educational environments, technologies and student expectations.

An Actionable Plan for a Vital Office

During your review, we delve into all aspects of your registrar’s office processes, policies, and staffing to identify and capitalize on opportunities for improvement. You’ll walk away from your review with the actionable recommendations and best practices to:

    • Implement more efficient registration procedures and policies
    • Improve your use of academic calendars as well as class and classroom schedules
    • Manage academic records, including retention and destruction, more effectively
    • Enhance and streamline graduation processes
    • Improve customer service delivered to internal and external stakeholders
    • Elevate electronic/virtual services for students and internal constituents 
    • Access and leverage data for better reporting
    • Select and maximize technologies to support internal business processes
    • Simplify and improve compliance with and reporting on federal, state/provincial or other regulations
    • Make the most strategic use of your staff and improve staff knowledge

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Registrar’s Office Review and create a solid foundation for your Registrar’s Office.