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Retention & Student Success Review

Support Your Students Through Graduation

When your students thrive, so does your institution. Attracting students is only one part of the solution to student success. Many institutions suffer from a revolving-door effect that undermines their recruitment efforts. A critical component of Strategic Enrollment Management, an effective retention plan should include strategies for promoting student success, persistence and graduation.

High retention and graduation rates speak volumes about the quality of your institution’s educational experience. As your retention rate improves, so does your recruitment of new students.

AACRAO Consulting’s Retention and Student Success Review provides a comprehensive examination of your institution’s overall approach to student success. Through detailed analysis of your institutional data, interviews with key stakeholders, and an in-depth look into your current retention activities, goals, and challenges, we’ll get to the core of the issues impacting your student outcomes.

What to Expect

Your Retention and Student Success Review starts with an initial consultation, during which we determine your goals and areas of emphasis. We then move to the discovery phase, including an in-depth review of any data and existing retention reports that provide a clear picture of your institution’s:

We additionally gather and audit student profile information, including transfer students and students on financial aid. At this point in the process, we review any life experience courses, orientation sessions and supplemental programs such as tutoring and supplemental instruction you offer, as well as the percentage of students taking advantage of these programs.

We also identify which offices or units within your institution play a role in student success, and how effective they are in those roles. Throughout the discovery phase, we continually look at whether your student-success programs, departments and services are working to support a strategic enrollment management approach.

After the discovery phase, we schedule an on-site visit to conduct interviews with senior leadership, executive middle management and office staff as well as students. These interviews help us determine barriers that impede student retention and success, as well as how you’re currently handling those barriers. We additionally apply national metrics to assess your school’s student satisfaction rates against other similar institutions.

On-site visits vary in length depending on each institution’s needs and scope of work, but typically take one to two days. On-site consultations may also be conducted as a series of short campus visits to accommodate the schedules of your people and departments.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Our Retention and Student Success Review provides you with the analysis, insight, data and recommendations to help you become more strategic and integrated in your approach in student success. You will emerge from your review with a better understanding of where to focus your resources as well as how to engage offices and departments in a coordinated effort to support students. We’ll also provide you with a clear roadmap to building a retention plan that works within your unique institutional culture.

Depending on the scope of work, AACRAO Consulting may provide specific recommendations for improving the support you provide to students. We may also provide you with a supplemental Strategic Enrollment Management readiness report, providing an in-depth understanding of necessary action items to support a strategic plan for student success and retention.

Who Benefits from a Retention and Student Success Review?

AACRAO Consulting’s Retention and Student Success Review is designed for:

Put your institution on the path to improved persistence, graduate rates and student satisfaction with a Retention and Student Success Review.