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SEM Plan Development

Align Your Enrollment Targets with Institutional Goals

Enrollment plays a central role in supporting the overall strategic vision, mission and health of any institution. Increasingly, colleges and universities understand the importance of aligning enrollment targets with institutional goals. Achieving this alignment requires a strategic long-term plan for managing and optimizing enrollment not just for today, but for the future of your institution.

AACRAO Consulting brings proven Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) and project management expertise to help your institution develop and implement an effective, efficient and actionable SEM Plan. We’ll work with you to identify long-range enrollment targets that support your unique institutional mission and vision. 

Building Your SEM Plan to Succeed

Your SEM Plan Development is a collaborative effort, involving our SEM experts, institutional leadership, and cross-functional teams of faculty and staff. We help you collect and analyze environmental and institutional data and information that fuels strategic decision-making.  Based on these findings, we coach you and your teams to:

    • Identify the top goals for recruitment and retention needed to achieve enrollment outcomes
    • Establish a governance system to review each completed step and ensure alignment with your institutional vision and mission
    • Develop a process for executing each step of the plan in a timely, efficient manner

At each step in the plan development process, we’ll be there to provide expert guidance and address challenges as they arise. You’ll emerge from the process with a customized, actionable long-term SEM Plan that addresses your institution’s specific goals, culture and situation. We’ll also equip you with the knowledge and tools to implement your plan on your own — with as much or as little assistance from us as needed. 

Along the way, we work with your enrollment staff to advise on short-term enrollment gains that enable you to see immediate, measurable results while your long-term SEM Plan is being developed and implemented. 

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to begin your Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Development to align your enrollment goals with your institutional vision and mission.