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SEM Plan Development

Align Your Enrollment Targets with Institutional Goals

Enrollment plays a central role in supporting the overall strategic vision and mission of any institution. Increasingly, colleges and universities are understanding the importance of aligning enrollment targets with institutional goals. Achieving this alignment requires a strategic long-term plan for managing and maximizing enrollment not just for today, but for the future of your institution.

AACRAO Consulting brings proven Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) and project management expertise to help your institution develop and implement an effective, efficient and actionable SEM Plan that achieves sustainable results. We’ll work with you to identify long-rage enrollment targets that support your institutional mission and vision. That includes assembling and analyzing data on your external environment as well as internal enrollment patterns; establishing focused goals that offer the greatest positive impact on enrollment; and creating specific work plans for meeting your SEM milestones.

What to Expect

For many colleges and universities, the first step in developing a long-term SEM Plan is to assess the current health of the institution. For this reason, many of our clients also choose to partner with AACRAO Consulting to conduct a SEM Readiness Review aimed at identifying any needed activities to complete to prepare for SEM Planning.

Once you’re ready to move forward with SEM Planning, we begin by working with executive leadership to identify long-range enrollment targets that amplify and support the unique mission and vision of your institution. Simultaneously, we assemble an institutional enrollment data team comprised of internal staff members, responsible for collecting and analyzing enrollment data under the guidance of your AACRAO consultant.

Based on the team’s data findings, we create a timeline detailing specific steps required to build the SEM Plan using campus-wide, cross-functional teams. This includes the establishment of a governance system to review each step as it’s completed and ensure alignment with the broader institutional vision and mission. We’ll also establish a process for executing each step of the plan in a timely, efficient manner.

Once the data has been collected and the timeline established, we conduct a kick-off meeting with the cross-departmental SEM Planning teams previously identified. These teams review and digest the data and information to identify the top goals for recruitment and retention critical to reaching the desired enrollment outcomes.

At each step in the plan development process, your AACRAO consultant will be there to provide expert guidance, using proven solutions to address common challenges or developing unique solutions to meet new challenges. This blend of content expertise and creativity is a hallmark of AACRAO Consulting's services.

Deliverables and Outcomes

With AACRAO Consulting, you won’t receive a plug-and-play document but rather a customized SEM Plan that addresses your institution’s specific goals, culture and situation. Our priority is to provide you with an actionable long-term plan as well as the knowledge and tools to implement it — without having to rely on our continual consultation. Our intention is to empower your institution to achieve your SEM goals, not to secure long-term contracts. That being said, for institutions lacking the internal resources or infrastructure, we remain available to assist with the plan’s implementation in whatever capacity may be needed.

From the first campus visit until the presentation of a long-range SEM Plan, your engagement with AACRAO consultant may range between six to 12 months; most consultations typically last around nine months. Within this time period, we will collect and analyze institutional data, help you research the enrollment environment, assemble institutional planning teams and assign roles, guide the development process, and compile and present the SEM Plan.

Along the way, we work with your enrollment staff to advise on short-term enrollment gains that enable you to see immediate, measurable results while the long-term SEM Plan is being developed and implemented.

Who Benefits from SEM Plan Development?

AACRAO Consulting’s SEM Plan Development is ideal for institutions confronting the following scenarios:

Learn how effective, coordinate long-term Strategic Enrollment Management Planning can help align your enrollment targets with your institutional vision.