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Technology Optimization & Selection

Unleash the Power of Enrollment Technology

Technology holds significant promise for institutions of higher learning looking to compete in today’s education market. With the right technology solutions in place, your institution has the opportunity to increase efficiencies, improve student services, conserve staff resources, control costs, and focus efforts on more important activities — across all campus functions.

Identifying, procuring and managing technology solutions, however, can be a significant strain on financial and personnel resources. When staff focus their time on resolving technology issues or use outdated business processes that fail to leverage your existing investments, instead of interacting with students, key opportunities can be missed. The question many institutions are asking themselves is: How do we maximize the advantages of technology, while minimizing the challenges that come with it?

AACRAO Consulting’s Technology Optimization and Selection consultation services help you identify and address the barriers that prevent you from making the most of current and new technologies. We serve as an objective resource for your institution, leveraging our experience with a wide range of technology implementations, platforms and applications for institutions of all sizes and types. From backend systems to automated records to student-facing web applications, we’ll provide expert recommendations on maximizing your technology investments to produce the greatest return. We are uniquely able to understand enrollment policies, practices and business processes and their intersection with enrollment technologies. Most consulting groups may understand the technologies but lack the knowledge of best practices in enrollment services to marry strong business processes, enrollment and academic policies with available technology solutions.

What to Expect

We begin by completing a thorough audit of your current technology systems, including how the technology is used and who uses it. We’ll also assess any challenges your users have encountered when using the technology, as well as your goals and desired outcomes. Along with the systems you have in place, we’ll identify gaps in technology that impact your ability to deliver efficient student services and reach your goals.

During the on-site consultation portion, typically lasting between two and three days depending on the scope of work and requirements, we’ll interview key stakeholders as well as technology users on your campus. We’ll observe your existing technology systems in action, and assess their effectiveness. Based on our findings, we’ll develop a report that includes unbiased recommendations for optimizing existing technology and/or securing new technology solutions that will better support your goals.

Based on our experience with colleges and universities of all sizes, types, and settings, we understand that every institution has unique requirements. For example, we understand that a community college uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool much differently than a private four-year university. An institution with a small IT support staff may choose different vendor options than one with a larger IT staff with diverse support skills. The business processes in a small, highly selective institution’s admissions office will differ from those of a large, public flagship.

There is no cookie-cutter approach with AACRAO Consulting; we base our recommendations for technology optimization and selection on your institution’s specific operational and policy needs.

Deliverables and Outcomes

Our Technology Optimization and Selection services are designed to ensure your technology is being used to its utmost capabilities and, if not, determine what can be done to maximize efficiency. While deliverables differ for each institution, our optimization and selection process can help you:

As a result of our recommendations and services, institutions have been able to leverage the full advantages of technology to:

Who Benefits from Technology Selection and Optimization?

AACRAO Consulting’s Technology Selection and Optimization consulting services benefit institutions and leaders seeking to drive increased value from technology investments. These include:

Learn how our Technology Optimization and Selection services can help you maximize your technology investments and reach you institutional goals.