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Simplify the Transfer Process

Research shows over one-third of students transfer at least once before earning a bachelor’s degree, often crossing state lines to do so. To promote successful outcomes for these students, institutions must provide a streamlined process of credit transfers across all scenarios, including reverse transfers, validating credit for the military and veterans, and transfer rules for student athletes.

Institutions must also work to remove barriers and improve efficiencies that make it easier for students to move between colleges and universities. A critical component to successful transfer practices are effective articulation and partnership agreements that clearly define how credits for particular courses transfer into an institution. Creating these agreements, however, requires expertise and resources many institutions may not readily have on hand.

AACRAO Consulting’s Transfer Practices Review equips you with the intelligence and recommendations you need to simplify your transfer processes and build clean efficient articulation and partnership agreements. With a thorough review of credit assessment rules including substitution and repeat issues, we’ll help you ensure that your institution follows standardized articulation practices.

You’ll emerge from your Transfer Practices Review ready to develop streamlined partnership agreements that incorporate articulation, financial aid, student services, admissions, records keeping, and other functions. If desired, you’ll also have the information you need to develop a roadmap for transforming your degree offerings, including turning associate’s degrees to bachelor’s degrees and two-year degrees to four-year degrees.

What to Expect

AACRAO Consulting tailors your Transfer Practices Review to the unique needs and environment of your institution. While we provide a wide array of services that examine transfer practices at your institution, you have the option of focusing our expertise on the issues that matter most to you.

We begin by listening carefully to your needs to ensure we understand them. We also complete a thorough audit of any existing documentation that provides additional insight into your current transfer and articulation process. Once we’re clear on the objectives and scope of the project, we provide you with a specific, detailed proposal before we initiate work.

The upfront discovery work we complete allows us to hit the ground running during the next portion of the engagement: the on-site visits. During in-person consultation at your campus, we conduct interviews with key stakeholders including staff members involved in transfer practices and counseling centers, as well as faculty. Depending on the scope of the project, we may also observe your transfer practices in action as well as visit other sites that have a role in the transfer process.

At the conclusion of the review, we issue a comprehensive report of our findings, including actionable recommendations for improving your transfer practices as well as the retention and success of your transfer students. If needed, we can also assist with implementing any of our recommendations to ensure they are completed in a timely, efficient manner.

Deliverables and Outcomes

In addition to helping you recruit and retain transfer students, your Transfer Practices Review is an effective tool for unifying your institution in a coordinated effort to support transfer student success. By the completion of your review, you’ll be armed with specific action items for improving your transfer process, use of technology, staffing, office space, location, partnership agreements and other areas critical to the success of your transfer practices.

As part of your Transfer Practices Review, your AACRAO consultant may complete the following deliverables:

Who Benefits from a Transfer Practices Review?

Typically, our Transfer Practice Review is designed for the following institutions and leadership:

Learn how our Transfer Practice Review can help you improve the efficiency of your transfer processes and the success of your transfer students.