Admissions & Recruitment

Advancing the Role of Admissions and Recruitment

More than an isolated function within your institution, admissions and recruitment play a key role in reaching your enrollment goals and improving your financial outcomes. AACRAO Consulting will work with your staff to identify and implement solutions that allow your people to work more efficiently and productively to communicate with students, streamline processes and deliver leading-edge services.

AACRAO consultant assisting client

Effective Recruitment With Limited Resources

Today’s institutions are challenged to reach and recruit students with limited resources. Your AACRAO Consultant will connect you to best practices for launching and sustaining coordinated, effective, and targeted recruitment, marketing and communications tactics — while helping you conserve costs and making the best use of the resources you have.

We’ll begin by conducting an in-depth audit of your enrollment goals, student profile, current recruitment activities and plan. Then we’ll shape our strategic recommendations for enhancing your recruitment efforts as cost-effectively as possible. Building on these recommendations, we’ll create a comprehensive long-term recruitment plan that provides a roadmap for sustainable results, long after our consultation has been completed.

Enhancing Admissions Efficiency

Is your admissions office operating at maximum efficiency? Your AACRAO Consultant will help you identify and implement best practices in admissions that allow your Admissions Office to operate more efficiently, while providing the responsive service today’s students demand.

We’ll start by evaluating your current admissions procedures, organizational structure, and how you’re currently employing your staff and technology. Based on our findings, we’ll develop actionable recommendations for improving service and efficiency. The improvements you see in admissions translate into improved enrollment outcomes.

AACRAO Consulting Offers Improved Approach to Holistic Admissions

AACRAO Consulting is pleased to announce FairSelect, a set of services to assist institutions in adopting the most equitable approaches to comprehensive, holistic admissions and other student selection processes. Delivered by leading researcher William Sedlacek and foremost practitioner Michele Sandlin, FairSelect represents a significant step forward from traditional student evaluation and selection practices. Using a unique written interview instrument, backed by 30 years of research and multiple case studies, institutions can augment knowledge gained from test scores and prior academic performance to better assess student potential and institutional fit, improve support services and student success rates, and increase retention.

The FairSelect approach has proven successful at a wide range of institutions: large and small, public and private, undergraduate, graduate and professional – including international institutions. The underlying concepts have been shown in research studies to provide for fairer student selections across a wide range of student diversity factors, including socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, learning style, and national origin. It also has been used to improve scholarship selections, being the basis for selecting students in the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program. This approach has gained wide recognition as an important step forward in admission and scholarship selections:

Our services include campus workshops with faculty and staff, planning assistance, staff training, business process refinement, and technology support. Contact us today to explore FairSelect options for your campus.


Strengthening Your Staff

Your ability to deliver high quality student services depends on hiring and developing a capable staff. Our consultants will help you build your team’s strengths in the areas of student services through half-, one- or two-day workshops covering a range of topics including customer service, business practice improvements, and the development of mission statements and office goals.