Canadian Services

AACRAO Consulting offers services tailored to the specific needs of colleges and universities in Canada. Our SEM solutions take into consideration the national and cultural heritage of Canadian postsecondary institutions and their students. Our team of consultants includes experts with extensive professional and life experience in Canada. They bring a first-hand understanding of the university and college experience in Canada, as well as the expectations of Canadian students.

We work with our Canadian education partners to deliver comprehensive campus services that:

  • Increase the accessibility, integration and success of under-served populations
  • Implement best practice admission and financial aid processes unique to Canadian institutions
  • Communicate effectively with prospective and current students to support recruitment and retention
  • Break down administrative and academic silos to improve student engagement and services
  • Enhance academic and enrolment service collaboration
  • Respond creatively to increasing fiscal pressures

To explore your options with AACRAO Consulting, simply complete our convenient online contact form.