Records & Registration

Best Practices For Best Results

Increasing efficiencies in your records and registration processes is a powerful, proven way to improve enrollment outcomes. AACRAO Consulting crafts customized solutions to your specific records and registration departments. We’ll begin by evaluating your current processes, your use of staffing resources and organizational structure, your technology investments, and your management approach. Based on our findings, we’ll develop actionable recommendations for improving services and efficiencies that in turn improve enrollment. What’s more, we’ll work with your staff to implement those recommendations and sustain the results.

Maximizing Your Records Management

Are your academic records management policies and procedures current? Is your institution using technology as efficiently as it could to manage academic records? Are you responding in a timely and accurate manner to student requests for their records, status and information? AACRAO Consulting will thoroughly review your academic record policies to make sure they’re up-to-date. We’ll also recommend procedures and practices for handling and tracking grade and transcript modifications and graduation checks, as efficiently as possible.

AACRAO Consulting - Records and Registration

Your Staff, Engaged In Your Success

Our goal is to ensure your records and registration staff has the tools and knowledge they need to continue enhancing your services — long after we’ve left your campus. Through half-, one- and two-day workshops, our consultants help your staff develop competencies in a range of areas key to improving student services, and enrollment outcomes.