Translating Retention Into Results

Effective retention is central to strategic enrollment management. Your ability to promote student success, persistence, and graduation speaks volumes about the quality of your institution’s educational experience. As your retention rate improves, so does your recruitment of new students. Effective retention also provides a cost-effective way to meet your institution’s financial goals, without overextending its budget. AACRAO Consulting offers the expertise to help you identify and prioritize initiatives and resources to make retention work for your students, and your institution.

Reviewing Your Retention Efforts

Our retention experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of the current state of your institution-wide retention efforts, identify areas for improvement, and assist in developing a practical retention plan for long-term success. We often combine our retention and recruitment services as part of a comprehensive SEM analysis designed to address enrollment goals from multiple vantages.

Better Retention Decisions

Let AACRAO Consulting arm you with valuable insight into your student retention for better decision making. We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of institutional data to get at the core retention issues on your campus. Combined with our expertise in leading-edge retention strategies, this data will enable you to quickly identify action steps to improve your persistence and graduation rates — and your institution’s financial performance.