Technology As A Competitive Tool

You’ve made a significant investment in technology. Now how do you leverage that investment to help you streamline campus operations and resolve your enrollment challenges? Using our industry-leading SEM Systems approach, AACRAO Consulting will assist departments across your institution in maximizing your technology to:

  • Integrate the systems and services students have come to expect
  • Improve efficiencies, student services and enrollment outcomes
  • Automate and simplify processes, while reducing redundancies
  • Optimize your website, student online experience, and searchability
  • Identify and capture new opportunities
  • Enhance student communication and services
  • Differentiate your institution and compete more effectively

AACRAO Consulting - Technology

Turning Student Searches Into Finds

Increasing numbers of prospective students search for colleges and universities online. Optimizing your institution’s website for online searches should be a key part of your online strategy. At AACRAO Consulting, we’ll help you refine your website for search engine optimization, pushing your site to the top of key word search results. While organized, written and coded for search engines, we’ll also make sure your site remains a powerful and relevant communications tool for your prospective and current students.

Strategic Implementation Means Success

Finding and implementing the right enrollment-related technology systems can be a tremendous burden on your existing resources. AACRAO Consulting relieves that burden. We take an unbiased approach to evaluating, recommending and implementing technology solutions that work best for your institution, people and processes. Our priority is to find and deliver technology systems that are practical to implement, appropriate for your requirements and goals, and realistically sustainable once our work is completed.

Beyond merely recommending a technology solution, we enhance the successful implementation of your enrollment-related technology systems. We’ll coordinate with your selected technology provider to ensure each step of the implementation process happens in a timely, seamless manner. Our implementation projects begin with a thorough strategic plan that organizes and maps out key implementation components. We’ll help you prioritize system functionality, bringing it online in a practical and progressive manner. We’ll ease your people and process into new business practices that maximize your technology investment. And we’ll train your staff in the most effective use of your system.

The end result: Your technology becomes an effective, efficient tool to help you reach enrollment goals and optimize campus operations, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Student-Centric Websites

Today’s digital-savvy students expect your website to provide quick, easy access to the information they seek. The usability and content of your site have a direct impact on your recruitment and retention efforts. Your web team is tasked not only with keeping your online content current and relevant, but keeping up with ever-evolving online functionality. That’s where AACRAO Consulting comes in.

We supplement your on-campus web resources by providing expert recommendations and solutions for keeping your website fresh, current, simple to navigate and easy to find. Consider us a cost-effective extension of your web capabilities, and a value-added partner who brings leading-edge online functionality your students expect.