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Stronger together: Wisconsin organizations create joint registrar-financial aid conference

by Clayton Smith, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor

Have you ever wondered if you could create a joint conference including both registrarial and financial aid professionals from two separate professional associations? Continue reading

Leadership lessons: Vision and values for a new generation

A distinguished panel of experts participated in a “Leadership Lessons” session at the 2015 AACRAO Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. Panelists included Louise Lonabocker, Executive Director of Student Services and University Registrar, Boston College; William Haid, University Registrar, University of California, San Diego; and Christine Kerlin, formerly the Vice President for the University Center and Strategic Planning at Everett Community College. The session stemmed from an AACRAO publication of the same name that compiled a series of stories from AACRAO leaders describing their career paths and conveying insights into their values and vision. Continue reading

Annual Meeting session explores registrar’s role in curriculum management

Registrars are at the hub of lots of activity within the institution including support of the academic environment. One aspect of this is curriculum management for the institution. However, the role of the registrar can differ based on institutional culture, governance structures, and even technology. What are the practical implications for professional development including working effectively with faculty and other student services personnel? Continue reading

The core concepts of SEM workshop at the Annual Meeting

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is focused on student success and the alignment between internal strengths and external environments. SEM strategies and tactics are built upon institutional strategic plans, data, broad enrollment targets and attention to infrastructure needs and gaps. Continue reading

What would free community college mean for your transfer policies?

As the movement toward free community college tuition is debated at the federal and state level, what will this mean for two-year and four-year transfer partnerships? Is your institution ready for increased community college enrollment and transfer to four-year programs? What are the common issues and benefits of transfer agreements, partnerships, and practices, providing specific examples of proven models of effective transfer programs? Continue reading

Managing Holistic Change

Whether you are looking to streamline your business processes, change your organizational structure, implement new technology, develop a project charter, or change policy, please stop by the AACRAO Consulting booth at the AACRAO Annual Meeting, to learn how we can be of assistance to you. After all, one of the goals of this conference is to help you “Learn how to manage change to achieve your professional and institutional goals.”

Throughout our experience as college administrators and consultants we have found the only constant is change. We can provide you with assistance to effectively manage change. For example, we can help you understand your institutional culture and its appetite for change, assist with developing a plan for change and provide strategies for successful stakeholder involvement and effective communication. For more information, please contact AACRAO Consulting at consulting@aacrao.org or at (202) 355-1056.

Looking for an Equitable Approach to Better Assess Student Potential, Institutional Fit, Increase Access, and Improve Student Retention and Success?

Enrollment managers and admission officers often struggle with an efficient way to conduct holistic reviews of students for admission and scholarship selections. Fortunately, innovative approaches have been developed in recent years to better account for different learning styles and cultural backgrounds to more accurately assess student ability and potential. The result is improved student performance and retention.

Are you attending AACRAO’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia? Stop by the AACRAO Consulting booth and visit with Michele Sandlin, Senior Consultant to learn more about FairSelect, a set of services to assist institutions in comprehensive approach that can help you and reach your student success and retention goals. For more information contact AACRAO Consulting at consulting@aacrao.org or (202) 355-1056.

Stop by the AACRAO Consulting Booth at the Annual Meeting

AACRAO Consulting will be exhibiting at AACRAO’s Annual Meeting, April 1 – 4, 2012 in Philadelphia. We offer cost-effective solutions for achieving new levels of success in enrollment services, strategic enrollment management, recruitment, retention, and technology implementation. AACRAO Consulting brings experience with all sectors of higher education across North America and globally, with recent consultations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Stop by our booth or contact us at consulting@aacrao.org or 202-355-1056.