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Planning and assessment: Keys to a successful SEM plan

by Alicia Moore, AACRAO Consultant and Dean of Student and Enrollment Services for Central Oregon Community College

Whether one includes admissions, recruitment, records, financial aid or other areas as part of the enrollment services umbrella, having effective operations is a critical component to successful strategic enrollment management (SEM) work (Bontrager and Green, 2015; Bontrager and Moore, 2009).  Continue reading

Enrollment Professionals: The backbone of student success initiatives

by Susan Gottheil, Vice-Provost (Students), University of Manitoba, and Senior AACRAO Consultant

Dr. Vincent Tinto’s seminal book “Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition” (1987, 1993) has influenced generations of higher education students and, importantly, shaped the evolution of the Strategic Enrollment Management framework in the United States and Canada. Continue reading

Keep transfer students at the forefront of effective SEM planning

by Alicia MooreAACRAO Consultant and Dean of Student and Enrollment Services for Central Oregon Community College

Long gone are the days in which students pursue college immediately after high school graduation and complete their higher education career all within the confines of one institution.   Continue reading

Tips for Student Success and Retention

William Serrata, president of El Paso Community College and Christine Kerlin, former Everett Community College Vice President for Strategic Planning and current AACRAO Senior Consultant, hosted a roundtable discussion at the AACRAO SEM Conference on Retention, Completion and Student Success. Continue reading