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Using WICHE data to inform your strategic enrollment plan

by Janet Ward, AACRAO Consultant

Campus enrollment leaders are tasked with developing strategic enrollment management (SEM) plans to achieve specific enrollment goals tied to student body size, academic quality, mix (programmatic, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.), net tuition revenue, and outcomes (retention and graduation rates). Continue reading

Enrollment Professionals: The backbone of student success initiatives

by Susan Gottheil, Vice-Provost (Students), University of Manitoba, and Senior AACRAO Consultant

Dr. Vincent Tinto’s seminal book “Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition” (1987, 1993) has influenced generations of higher education students and, importantly, shaped the evolution of the Strategic Enrollment Management framework in the United States and Canada. Continue reading

Aligning institutional resources with SEM priorities

by Brent A. Gage, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Iowa and Senior Consultant for AACRAO Consulting.

Enrollment managers, admissions officers and registrar staff all face the ongoing challenge of having to do more with fewer resources. While this challenge is real, all too often we are our own worst enemy in causing this to occur. Continue reading

Outcomes-Based Funding: Origins and Implications for the SEM Practitioner

AACRAO Senior Consultant Alicia Moore co-authored an article in AACRAO’s January 2016 issue of SEM Quarterly. The article “examines the history and trends associated with ‘outcomes-based funding’ and potential impacts for strategic enrollment management work.” To access Outcomes-Based Funding: Origins and Implications for the SEM Practitioner, please click here. For more information on this topic or to contact AACRAO Senior Consultant Alicia Moore, please contact AACRAO Consulting at (202) 355-1056 or at Consulting@aacrao.org.

Institutional goals drive transfer policy

by Christine Kerlin, AACRAO Senior Consultant

The AACRAO 2017 Annual Meeting roundtable on “Transfer Best Practices,” moderated by Seth Kamen, Articulation, Transfer and Academic Services Manager at Montgomery College, attracted about 80 people, mostly from baccalaureate institutions. Topics and questions generated by the participants ranged widely from the use of college credits earned by high school students, to faculty decision-making in the credit evaluation process, to limits on the number of transferable credits, to which office performs the credential evaluations, to age limits on transfer credit, to credit for study abroad, and beyond. Continue reading

AACRAO seeks SEM Conference Director

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) seeks a dynamic, proven leader in Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) to lead its SEM Conference as its director. Following 25 years of increasing success, the AACRAO SEM Conference remains the preeminent meeting in the world on this subject. The next director of the conference must bring top-rank credentials as a leader in the field, demonstrating both knowledge through research and publication, as well as the practical experience that is a hallmark of the SEM Conference. Continue reading

How dual credit helps create a college-going culture

The dual-credit system “has really caught fire in Texas,” says William Serrata, President of El Paso Community College and AACRAO Senior Consultant. “It’s becoming a crucial part of the recruitment puzzle across the country for community colleges and four-year institutions, as well.” Continue reading

AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, Dr. Tom Green, quoted in The Atlantic

AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, Dr. Tom Green, was quoted in The Atlantic article “Where College Admissions Went Wrong” in March 2016. The article examines the effect that the current competitive college admissions environment has on students. To view the article, click here.

Building the Human Infrastructure of SEM

One of the key elements of success in developing and implementing a strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan is building infrastructure. This has several aspects to it, such as technology, financial resources/budget, staffing, skill sets and institutional structures, formal and informal, which allow strong plans to be developed and executed. In many instances, SEM plans fail not because they lacked innovative ideas or sound foundational data and information but because the human element of infrastructure was ignored or not fully addressed. Continue reading

2 examples of cross-campus collaboration at the start of SEM planning

Institutions of higher learning are facing major shifts in student demographics, increasing demands for accountability and greater political scrutiny. In the face of this sea change, strategic enrollment management (SEM) has emerged as an essential tool for distilling and addressing fundamental questions about institutional focus and effectiveness—and for creating a coherent, long-term plan for institutional success. Continue reading