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Innovation Hub: AACRAO portal helps members navigate emerging technologies

AACRAO’s newly-launched Innovation Hub is a portal to new technologies that may impact how serve and support our students and faculty in higher education . Via this platform, members can investigate and track the latest tech tools to evaluate whether these platforms and services are appropriate for their campus. Continue reading

A record of lifelong learning

How can student records most accurately reflect student learning?–That’s the question driving the pilot Comprehensive Student Records (CSR) project funded by a grant from Lumina Foundation and spearheaded by AACRAO and NASPA: Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education. Continue reading

Are your institution’s transfer policies ready for free community college tuition?

At least two states already practice free community college tuition policies and more states are considering how they may implement a free program for their community college students. These programs are likely to create strong increases in community college enrollments and increases in students seeking to transfer those credits to other institutions. Continue reading

Extending the transcript framework: White paper and conference track

Higher education is at a crossroads. The demand for a better mechanism by which institutions can attest to the skills and knowledge of their students is growing by leaps and bounds. While the demand for post-secondary credentials remains high (and may be growing), the value of the traditional documents verifying their achievements is in decline. Several institutions have tried to fill the communication void with alternative forms of the academic record, creating “competency based” records, adding learning outcomes, creating co-curricular transcripts and adding digital learning artifacts to the basic academic transcript. These are all good ideas and have grown out of necessity. But how do we avoid allowing our own innovations lead us to create barriers for students as they attempt to transfer from one institution to another? Continue reading