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How to comply with NSLDS enrollment reporting requirements

In late March, AACRAO and representatives from other organizations met with Federal Student Aid staff at the Education Department to discuss the nearly 1,000 institutions who are out of compliance in their NSLDS enrollment reporting. Specifically, these schools are failing to reach the 90 percent mark in terms of the percentage of students on their NSLDS SSCR rosters with valid program codes.
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Aligning institutional resources with SEM priorities

by Brent A. Gage, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Iowa and Senior Consultant for AACRAO Consulting.

Enrollment managers, admissions officers and registrar staff all face the ongoing challenge of having to do more with fewer resources. While this challenge is real, all too often we are our own worst enemy in causing this to occur. Continue reading

Delivering outcomes through SEM processes

By Wayne Sigler, Ed.D., Senior Consultant, AACRAO Consulting

Sigler’s extensive admissions and enrollment management experience include very successful leadership of the admissions programs at two public flagships (University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities).

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM): “A concept and process that enables the fulfillment of institutional mission and students’ educational goals.” 1
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Questioning the impact of performance-based funding on SEM

by Betty Huff, Senior AACRAO Consultant

Performance-based funding, a 21st Century outcome of declining higher education resources and increased public and governmental accountability, is beginning to attract the attention of researchers as well as strategists. Recent articles appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education (April 22, 2016) and the Journal of Education Finance (Winter 2016) raise questions about the negative impact on needy students and those students less academically prepared for the rigor of post-secondary enrollment. Continue reading

Building a SEM Analytics Reporting Portfolio

AACRAO Senior Consultants Jay Goff and Wendy Kilgore co-authored with Brian G. Williams an article in AACRAO’s April 2016 issue of SEM Quarterly. The article provides information on the components necessary for developing an effective SEM analytics reporting portfolio. To access the full article, please click here. For more information on this topic or to contact the authors, please contact AACRAO Consulting at (202) 355-1056 or at Consulting@aacrao.org.

Dr. Tom Green, Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, Interviewed in Money Magazine

Dr. Tom Green, AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, was interviewed recently in Money magazine. The article discusses college and university tuition discounting practices and students’ and families’ efforts to negotiate reduced tuition rates. The view the article, click here.

AACRAO seeks SEM Conference Director

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) seeks a dynamic, proven leader in Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) to lead its SEM Conference as its director. Following 25 years of increasing success, the AACRAO SEM Conference remains the preeminent meeting in the world on this subject. The next director of the conference must bring top-rank credentials as a leader in the field, demonstrating both knowledge through research and publication, as well as the practical experience that is a hallmark of the SEM Conference. Continue reading

Increase first-year persistence

The first year of college can be a challenging transition–especially for students with low levels of cultural capital (such as attending music or drama performances or art exhibits). But schools can help less-engaged students build cultural capital, argue Matthew Sinclar, Natalee Erb and John Braxton (Vanderbilt University) in their article “Building Cultural Capital in First-year Students at Residential Colleges and Universities.” Continue reading

AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, Dr. Tom Green, quoted in The Atlantic

AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, Dr. Tom Green, was quoted in The Atlantic article “Where College Admissions Went Wrong” in March 2016. The article examines the effect that the current competitive college admissions environment has on students. To view the article, click here.