Who We Are

Let Our Consultants Expand Your Expertise

AACRAO Consulting brings together senior-level, independent professionals with long and active careers across multiple areas in higher education. Our consultants’ broad experience crosses the full range of institutions, departments and disciplines, including Strategic Enrollment Management, recruitment and marketing, retention and student success, business practices, technology systems, electronic records, admissions, registrar’s office, transfer practices, and international higher education.

Each AACRAO consultant brings a proven track record as a strategic thinker, creative problem-solver and effective change agent. While sharing best practices and knowledge gleaned from decades in higher education, our consultants also develop customized solutions to meet your unique needs and challenges. Serving as an extension of your team, AACRAO consultants work seamlessly with staff to build their skills and knowledge.

Meet the Consulting Team

Whatever your goals and challenges, we’ll identify the right AACRAO consultant with experience and knowledge specific to your needs.

Photograph of Maureen O’Mara Carver

Maureen O’Mara Carver

Executive Director for Enrollment Services at Montgomery County Community College

Photograph of Dr. Sam Conte

Dr. Sam Conte

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Brent Gage

Dr. Brent Gage

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Iowa

Photograph of Jody Gordon

Jody Gordon

Vice President, Students and Enrolment Management, at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)

Photograph of Dr. Tom Green

Dr. Tom Green

Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM

Photograph of Stanley Henderson

Stanley Henderson

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Betty Huff

Betty Huff

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Christine Kerlin

Dr. Christine Kerlin

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Wendy Kilgore

Dr. Wendy Kilgore

Director of Research and Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Reid Kisling

Dr. Reid Kisling

Vice President of Student Development, Chief Information Officer, Western Seminary

Photograph of Dr. Alicia Moore

Dr. Alicia Moore

Dean of Student and Enrollment Services at Central Oregon Community College

Photograph of Brad Myers

Brad Myers

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Rodney Parks

Dr. Rodney Parks

University Registrar and Director of Summer College at Elon University

Photograph of Michele Sandlin

Michele Sandlin

Managing Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Howard Shanken

Howard Shanken

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Wayne Sigler

Dr. Wayne Sigler

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Dr. Clayton Smith

Dr. Clayton Smith

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor

Photograph of Dr. Jeff Von Munkwitz-Smith

Dr. Jeff Von Munkwitz-Smith

Senior Consultant at AACRAO

Photograph of Janet Ward

Janet Ward

Senior Consultant at AACRAO